Wednesday 15 July 2015 personalised photo wrapping paper - Review

Over at you can create your own personalised wrapping paper, you can get a sheet of wrapping for £4.99!!
Bargain if you ask me. 
You can also buy a small roll 50cm x 2.2m for £9.99
Or a large roll 50cm x 3.6m for £14.99

Once I received mine I didn't want to use it as just wrapping paper, it was far too nice. 
So off I popped to B&M bargains and searched their frame section and came across this gorgeous frame for a super £6.99.

Once home I took the glass out of the frames and drew around the pictures that I wanted in those sections and then got to work with my scissors.

This gorgeous piece now hangs at the bottom on my stairs for all to see! 

So like me you can get a sheet of wrapping paper and get creative or you can just use it to wow people by wrapping up a present in it!
It does make some awesomely unqiue wrapping paper. 

Just head over to their website and have a look .... 

You can also check them out on social media sites - 

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