Thursday 24 March 2016

A Typical Day In The Mini Beast House!

The day always starts of with a big warm hug in the form of ..... Coffee
Before kids I never touched the stuff but 4 boys later it's all I seem to be chucking down my throat.

Once I've woken up a little I'm ready to face the wild ones and let them into the kitchen to feed.

I usually put a bit of effort into breakfast and on the odd day that they've woken up feeling like being angels it will be eaten at once with no mess to be seen. More often or not, they'll fight over the fruit, demand one cereal or another, want nothing at all. In the end it will usually be thrown all over the floor / table!

Once I've dropped the twins at nursery and Noah at school, I spend my day with Ru.
Usually we'll pop into Morrisons on the way home - all depending on him, if he sees the sign he'll point and moan till I pull up.

Will he go in the trolley? 
Will he walk nicely?
Will he be carried? 

The trip will either end with me running up and down the Isles after him, whilst he's laughing like a mad man, him standing in the trolley whilst I zoom around trying to get everything I need before he dives head first out of the trolley to run off again.
Or his favourite screaming his head off
thrashing about like I'm trying to slowly kill him. 

Why I keep indulging in his mind games is beyond me. I should just stay away from the god damn place when he's with me. 

Once home I'll usually treat myself to another cup of the good stuff and crack on with the house work - that's if Ru allows it. If he's happily watching Mr Tumble or playing in his car with my car keys I can get on and have no problems as long as I'm done before Mr Tumble sings his goodbye song, as we have to sign/sing it together. 
If Ru is not playing ball I'll usually try to get him to help and he'll either end up in a box or the washing basket!  

After we've had lunch which usually is just a lick of what ever I've give him, as he'd much rather eat Ray's dog food.

We'll go and collect the twins from nursery. If it's a nice day I'll usually drive down the road to the beach so we can fill our lungs with fresh air.

Usually we last about 5 minutes before everyone starts crying myself included because they'd much rather be having a nap than running around on the beach front.

Before we know it its time to go and fetch Noah, if Jon can have the boys it's much easier but more often than not I'll take them with me just because I like the company even if it does take twice as long. 

Ru also likes to visit his favourite door on either way back to the car.

Most days I'll take a sunset picture, just because I can't help myself. One of the best things about living on an island is the sunsets. 

Once home I'll run around like a headless chicken and try to get dinner done before they all fall asleep and scream at me.
Again just like breakfast most of it will end up thrown over the table or floor. Ru will once again favour the dogs food.

Once the chaos of dinner is over its on to bath and bed! (Usually my favourite part of the day!)
I'll bath Ru, the the twins and then Noah will jump on last. 

I'll read two books to the twins and Ru in the twins room and then take Ru up to his room and read to him, once he's fallen asleep I'll head down to Noah's room listen to him read, we'll practise his spellings and times tables then I'll read to him.

By 8 ish they're all in bed and I can go downstairs and enjoy whatever Jon has cooked for dinner.
Then we bum out till we can't keep our eyes open any longer and we head off upstairs to pass out!

Pink Pear Bear

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