Thursday 10 March 2016

#MYWILDONES || New Shoes

One of Ru's favourite things are his shoes 
He's never without a pair upon his feet, he'll even try and wear them to bed.
So when I noticed he wasn't too happy with his current shoes, I took him into town to do a spot of shoe shopping.

I was worried he'd kick up a fuss with having a stranger measure his feet but he was amazing and quite happily let the lady measure his feet and try on an array of different shoes. 

No wonder he wasn't liking his current pair, they were a whole size and half too small for him!!

He loved running around trying on all the shoes and looking in the mirrors.

When he finally found the pair, he went around and wiggled his feet in front of everyone in the shop to show them all his lovely new shoes.

Instantly we knew we'd picked a winner :)


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