Friday 15 April 2016

Book Review || Tidy

"Deep in the forest lived a badger called Pete
Who tidied and cleaned and kept everything neat."

Written by Emily Gravett;
Emily is twice winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Bronze Award for Wolves and Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears.
An author/illustrator of unique talent and tremendous skill, she has a host of critically acclaimed books to her name, including Blue Chameleon, Wolf Won't Bite! and Again!
Emily lives in Brighton with her partner and their daughter

A story about a badger who has OCD, what's not to love?!?!
Poor Pete loved everything to be tidy and neat, but when the leaves start to fall his OCD kicks in and he clears up, even chopping down the trees and covering the whole forest in concrete.

After searching for food to eat and his underground house, he slowly realises he's made a big mistake.

This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and such fun to read, the boys all loved it.

They got quite upset when the forest had been covered in concrete, as they knew that's not how they are meant to be, and were worried all the animals had lost their homes.

Even though the boys are young, they know nature is just how its meant to be, and its that way for a reason!

"They put everything back, as it always had been
(But maybe less ordered - and not quite as clean).

And Pete? Well, he promised to tidy up less.
But if he succeeded is anyone's guess!"

This is a truly fabulous book, adults and children will enjoy reading it over and over again!
You can find Tidy over on Amazon for £9.09

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