Tuesday 12 April 2016

Next Haul || Mummy & Daddy Clobber

On Friday there wasn't much on T.V so me and Jon decided we needed a few treats to spruce up our wardrobes.
Jon doesn't often by himself new gear so it was nice to see him get excited by clothes.
I LOOOOOOVE buying new clothes....what woman doesn't?!

I'm a jeans girl and more often than not I will wear my jeans until they are falling to pieces.

So I needed a new pair, I also decided I wanted to get some maxi skirts too, just to change things up a little.
I wore a maxi skirt for most of my pregnancy with Ru and loved it, but then I got so big that I ripped it up the back when I bent over!
Oh how I mourned that skirt.

So lets get on with what I got.....

Skinny jeans - my staple, these already have pre made holes in, so probably wont take me long to wear them out.

my 3 maxi skirts, a plain black one, a blue patterned one and a coral patterned one.
I'm not a big fan of my legs, so these are perfect for when its hotter and I cant be dealing with wearing jeans.

3 plain t-shirts for £12. These are to wear with the skirts.

The next two tops are to go with the jeans.
When picking the clothes I wanted to have something different to wear every other day, I usually stick to the same old thing day in day out so it will be nice to be able to have a choice.

You can't go wrong with jeans and a stripy top, this will be great for when the weather isn't quite hot but it isn't cold either.

This top is actually my favourite item out of everything, it fits perfectly and looks great with the jeans.
A top I'll probably end up living in.

Below are what Jon picked.
a raglan shirt,
a couple of granddad style shirts,
combat trousers,
v neck t-shirt
and a pair of Jesus sandals for when it warms up.

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