Tuesday 5 April 2016

Review || Little Bunnies Bath Products

The Little Bunnies Story
Once upon a time there lived an Earth Guardian named Lily.
Since the dawn of time Lily has been watching over and protecting the Earth from disasters, both natural and man-made.
Lily began to notice something alarming!
She began to notice a dramatic increase in the amount of toxic chemicals in food and toiletries.
She became very concerned for the health of human begins.
So one day Lily decided to give four normal bunnies magical powers from nature in order to allow them to make human products safe again

we were very kindly sent Daisy's Natural Baby Lotion 250ml £6.99 and Baby Bow's Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo 250ml £6.99

Both of which are suitable from birth and all completely natural, vegan friendly & fragrance free

The baby wash was great and you really only need a small amount, which means it will last a while.
The boys all loved their bubble baths and it left their hair shiny and smooth.
A small amount gave you a nice bubble bath, enough bubbles to even make bubble beards!
Everyone loves a bubble beard .... right?!

Oscar's skin has been really dry recently so I've been trying to find a new body wash that wouldn't irritate his skin further and since using Little Bunnies his skin has really improved!
With the added help from the baby lotion his skin is feeling as good as new.
 He has stopped itching as much as he used too.

I usually like soaps to smell of something lovely, but having fragrance free soap actually was much better, there was no over powering smells and I think the boys appreciated that.

From now on ill leave the sweet smelling soaps for myself and stick with the fragrance free stuff for the boys.

The baby lotion has become a part of Ru's bedtime wind down routine, without routine set in place Ru wont sleep. Ru knows when I put him into his pyjamas its time for milk and bed, if I put him into his pyjamas and take him back downstairs all hell breaks lose.

Ru has been enjoying bedtime massage and will happily lay down with out wanting squirm away.

The hand pump makes it nice and easy to apply, no fuss is always a bonus when dealing with squirmy babies!
The twins liked it as they could dispense the lotion themselves and rub it on their bellies just like "big boys".

I'm really happy with both the products and ill be replacing them once they've run out.
If you're looking for new bath products for your babes why not check out the Little Bunnies range over on their website site - www.littlebunnieshq.com

**I was sent the products for free in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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