Tuesday 9 February 2016

Party planning made easy thanks to Twizzle.

With Rupert's 2nd and the twins 4th birthdays coming up in the next few months my mind has turned to party planning.

The twins usually have a bouncy castle party in the garden with friends and family. For the last three years that's always been a hit, but in a new house and with lots more little friends I think I need to up my game!

Last year I had a simple tea party for Ru with just family. More just for me really as Ru didn't really take any of it in.

This year I'm planning a Paddington bear themed tea party for Rupert!
We'll watch the film and eat marmalade sandwiches..... (Maybe) 
 - it will probably just be family again as Ru isn't a fan of too many people.

Simple and easy with little fuss!

For the twins I'm still trying to think - they've made lots of new friends at nursery so I'm going to see what I can do that's cheap ish and pre school friendly in and around Kent.
We can't have a garden party this year as our new garden is much too small. 

When planning party's it can be overly stressful and make you wish you'd never bothered.
If your first timer sometimes your aren't too sure what you should do and what you shouldn't!

Party politics really are ridiculous lol! 

This super cheat sheet can really help make party planning stress free and more enjoyable.

Happy Party Planning.
If you know of fun things to do in Kent please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet

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