Friday 18 September 2015

A Hannah catch up

I haven't done many personal posts recently, because 1. not much has been going on and 2. I had a ridiculous back log of sponsored posts and reviews to do! 
I can now do my  *happy dance* As I have completed all the posts that I needed to do and I can now chillaxe a little.

To do lists really do kick you into gear!

Soooooo I shall update you all with what little has been going on, because I'm sure you have all been dying to know! (Ahem maybe not, but you are here now so you might as well find out!) 

Since Noah is back at school and the twins are in nursery 5 hrs everyday apart from Wednesday we haven't really done much, other than the usual day to day stuff. 

Saying that on Tuesday I had the great pleasure of heading up to London to have a press meeting with the gooooorgeous Dr Ranj and have breakfast In the very posh Connaught Hotel. 
Whist I was there I got to meet the lovely Hannah who was also at the meeting  she has a great blog over at //zombiiemummy and I love following her family over on her instagram.

Don't you just hate it when you head out thinking you look semi ok and then when you see pictures you think for god sake what was I thinking .....
 Well that happened! Of course it would happen when meeting a celebrity! 

So Sorry for the face cover up but I was just blaaaah!
Can we all agree Dr Ranj's eyebrows are just amazingly perfect!?!
London Victoria has a lush shop, so on my way home I couldn't help but treat myself to some lovelies.
(Robot was for the boys!)

We have become Brand Enthusiasts for the lovely Etsy shop - /BlueberryBooKids     

I updated my laptop to Windows 10, and I am loving it!  
I hated windows 8 so much so that I hardly used my laptop. 
So yay for windows 10.

I have also just ordered my ticket for britmums live 2016. I thought I'd get in early and grab an early bird ticket rather than buy one last minute like I did this year. 

I have also treated myself to two new necklaces, one is a branch with 4 leaves with the boys first letter of their names on. Which I got from - 
Then the #MamaMakes Mama necklace from - 

So that's about it really. 

Have you been up to anything fun this week? 

Last but not least! 
I saw this on Facebook and thought it was very appropriate for every mummy out there! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

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