Tuesday 29 September 2015

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Blogger Challenge!



The study on visual ageing, which examined the lifestyle habits of 100 men and women, found 7 healthy habits in the younger-looking group

1.    They drank more than 2 litres of water a day

2.    They didn’t smoke

3.    They ate a lot of oily fish (2 or more portions a week)

4.    They drank less alcohol

5.    They ate less refined sugar

6.    They ate high levels of fruit and vegetables

7.    Thay had a positive attitude

Now Seven Seas' are asking 7 bloggers to take part in this anti ageing challenge.
Each blogger has been assigned one of the magic 7 habits.

My challenge is to reduce my refined sugar intake for 7 whole weeks 

I practically live on refined sugars
So I know it will be trying at times but it's time I kicked my sugar addiction to the curb!

Along with reducing my sugar intake I'll also be taking Sea Seas' Perfect 7 duo pack which have scientifically been shown to support ::

Skin & Nails - Zinc
Hair - Biotin 
Energy - Magnesium
Brain - DHA
Vision - Vitamin B2
Heart - EPA & DHA
Hormonal Activity - Vitamin B6

The Challange is focused on achieving younger looking skin and if just doing one  out of the 7 has any sort of effect or if you really need to be doing all 7 to really see a change! 

I guess time will tell!
I'm not brave enough to share my before photo with you, but I've taken one and will compare it to the photo I take at the end of the challenge - by then I may be so ecstatic at the result I'll be more than happy to share!!

My daily diet consists of, lots of cups of sugary coffee and a silly amount of chocolate then dinner followed by even more chocolate!
As you can probably guess my moods are. Not. So. Great!

Sugar highs and lows play a big part in those moods. 
Something Jon absolutely hates.

My skin doesn't "glow" like it once used too.
My skin is dull and tired looking, but that doesn't surprise me I don't fuel it enough with the right sort of fuel, when it comes to myself I'd rather take a back seat and make sure the boys are eating and doing what they should be doing.

Which is of course is what everyother mother does, but if you don't look after yourself who else is going too?!?!

So with the hope of younger looking skin at the end of all this I am also hoping that it improves my diet! 

I've been out and bought some nuts and seeds to replace my chocolate snacks and some granola to eat for breakfast, along with sweetners to add to my coffee, as I don't think I could handle it without a sweetness.

I shall be tweeting and instagram'in how I'm going and I'll probably do some blog updates on how I'm doing.
If I come across as a moody cow please forgive me.

Have you reduced your refined sugar intake? 
How did you do it?
How did it go?  

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