Friday 11 September 2015

Friday night make your own pizza fun!

Make Friday meal time fun, by letting the kids make their own pizzas!! 

It's pretty cheap and heaps of fun.
Also getting the kids involved helps them get more excited by dinner and if they make it themselves they are more than likely to eat it without a kicking up a fuss! 

I laid all the ingredients out on the table and showed them what to do while I made Ru's.
The twins wanted a little help went doing the passata but the rest they did themselves! 

Everyone had two cheeses, some sweet corn and some pepperoni!

The twins were so excited about their pizzas the sat at the table and waited extremely nicely - which is pretty unheard of!!!

They turned out rather great and the boys were very impressed with their handy work! 
I nicked a few of the "poisonous" bits and they were very yummy!

Nothing was left, even the crumbs were licked up and when I say licked up I mean literally licked up - the boys have the table manners of cave men! 

Have a lovely weekend x

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