Monday 21 September 2015

The Leas

If we are having a bit of a bum day nothing cheers us up more than heading out to The Leas

Nothing really beats being able to pop down to the beach to have an ice cream and a stroll.

The boys love nothing more than being out in the fresh air and dipping their toes in the sea.

I do normally try to fight a losing battle of trying to get them to keep their clothes on and stay out of the sea specially on cold days. 
My boys are nudists at heart and would be naked 24/7

Ru loves to have his own little adventure by people watching and running in the opposite direction to which we are trying to head.

A walk along the beach front always clears away our cobwebs and cheers up everyone the moment we open the car doors. 

It's like the sea air washes over us and makes us all fresh and new, ready to start again. 

Oh I really do love to be beside the sea side.

What do you do as a family for an instant pick me up?

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