Thursday 10 September 2015

My Favourite photographs..

We all have snapshots that we treasure,
I thought I would share four of mine.

This photo is my top favourite it has my great gran, gran, mum, aunt and cousin in it. I was also pregnant at the time with Noah but had no idea.
I love that it has us all in it and when I'm missing my great gran I can look back at this and smile! 

This photo of Noah just fills me with joy!
This was taken a couple of days after he was born, my mum was weighing him with her stork scales! 

This was the first time Alex and Oscar were in touching distance after being born, it took around a week for the ICU staff to let us sit with them together. I love how Oscar is holding onto my thumb with a look of peace on his danity little face.

This one of Alex is just beautiful and I'm thrilled I managed to snap it before he got up and ran away. I keep meaning to get this put onto canvas and hung on the wall!

What are your favourite photographs?? 

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