Thursday 10 September 2015

August Bark Beats Box •Review•

Ray was a lucky boy last month and when a surprise box turned up at our door! 

For those of you who don't know Barkbeats is a monthly subscription box service tailored to the size of your dog. Each month you receive five to six quality products for your dog. The box costs £14.90 per month & postage is free. Plus you are free to cancel the subscription anytime.

In this months box was - 
*Barks and Sparks strawberry and coconut ice cream - . To create the ice cream you mix the powder with water or natural yoghurt in the pot, pop into the freezer and a few hours later- just like magic doggy friendly ice cream has been made!  
*Rosewood squeaky teddy 
Hov Hov Lollipop made with oats, yoghurt, cranberries and other healthy ingredients. 
Boswelia Tomato Snacks - home baked natural treats.  
Rosewood Tyre Toy This is a natural rubber tyre toy with a rope on one end, perfect for destructive chewers and bigger dogs. 

As soon as I opened the box Ray jumped up and stole the lollipop!
I managed to rescue the stick from being devoured just in time.
Once the lollipop was gone he came back to see what else was in the box! 

Ray loved both the toys and the tyre has been great for him. He's a chewer and if he has none of his toys are or he's lost interest in his toys he will turn his attention to the boys toys.
Having a monthly subscription box helps keep his mind to his own toys as I replace the old with the new and swap them round so he doesn't get bored! 

The treats have been great for Ray and he's enjoyed gobbling them up.
I've yet to make the ice cream but I am planning on doing it soon. 
Ray has a very sensitive stomach so we have to be very careful about what we give him otherwise we will wake up to unpleasant messes! 
Knowing all the treats in the BarkBeats box are natural leave me at ease when giving them to him!

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