Sunday 20 September 2015

Decorating my week - Planner Love

Today I thought I would go through how I decorate my planner .....
It isn't going to be as amazing as some you may have seen this is my first post like this, so we shall see how it goes. I'm also still experimenting with how I like my set up!

This week I've gone for a pinkish theme!

Firstly I pick my main washi then build up from there. 

The 4 washi I picked were a white with mint green triangles, white with pink polka dots, a thin light pink and a dark pink one.

Once I have placed my main washi tape I then add more on top - such as thinner washi on thicker washi.

Then out come the stickers, I'll just then randomly add whatever stickers jump out at me.

The telephone dial in the middle was from some paper that I got in my first Brimbles box. 

I like to have a "to do" box at the top which I usually add what blog posts need to be done that week or what needs to be paid - such as school dinners or whatever clubs Noah is doing that week. 

I will add any bits of info that I need to remember, I usually use really thin nibbed pens as I just like the look and it makes my handwriting neater. 

A lot of my stickers are from either Amazon or etsy. 
SwciStationery being on of my favourite etsy shop. 
My washi is from trips out and about or from the ideal owl 
Then they're are some bits from my first brimbles box used on this set up. 

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