Friday 20 June 2014

Inset day fun

Noah had an inset day today so seeing as it's going to be nice and hot all weekend I ran out to Asda to buy a new paddling pool 

Looks a lot bigger than it is, so
 I was slightly disappointed but the kids were over the moon! 

All was going well but with two naked toddlers who aren't yet toilet trained jumping in and out there was bound to be a toilet accident......about half an hour after filling the pool up Oscar pooped, Alex And Noah jumped out leaving poor little O  surrounded by floating poop! 

we fished it out then refilled the pool with clean water and then the fun carried on! 

Little Ru turned 8 weeks old today and was not a fan of the heat so has been a little unsettled :( 

After a lovely day in the garden all boys were bathed and put to bed with a story!

Tonight's story was the tiger who came for tea 
 One of Noah's favourites so he came and sat with us 

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