Friday 28 October 2022

How to motivate your child to learn

 Most students aren't born good learners. In fact, some of the best ones take the time to develop the right strategy to learn. Yes, a child’s personality and ability do play a huge role when it comes to their schooling and education, but the best learners are the ones that have a positive mindset and made the choice to become a good learners. One of the biggest mistakes teachers and parents can make is limiting a child’s learning in the classroom. Whilst the classroom can be the primary source of academic growth, what a child brings from outside matters just as much. If you are on the search to enhance your child's desire and ability to learn, then look no further. 

Here are some tips on how to motivate your child with their learning. 

Help your child develop a love for reading. Reading in itself can be a key to success in life. those who enjoy reading will grow to enjoy learning as well. Reading not only helps children to develop a rich vocabulary but also helps the brain learn how to process different types of concepts and communication. 

The skills gained from reading are much more valuable than perceived. students who read well in hunts and ability to learn in all of their subjects including maths, English, and science. Read with your child frequently. this could be 20 minutes before bed every single day. The key is to make reading fun and not a chore. 

Allow your child to pick their own books in order to make this activity more enjoyable.

Allow your child to feel in control when it comes to education. When a child feels in control of something, they usually put in more effort. Provide your child with the ability to have direct input in what their education consists of. 

This could be the way content is delivered or giving your child the decision to choose what they learn about. Giving your child the freedom to choose their own extracurriculars is a great way for them to feel as though they are leading their academic journey.

Introduce your child to different types of learning styles to see which one suits them best. By helping your child discover their preferred learning style, it could be the reason that their quality of learning improves rapidly.

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