Tuesday 25 August 2020

Review // Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner.

I have kindly been sent a daily goal setter from Mål Paper, a stylish planner to help me achieve me to stick to my daily/weekly and monthly goals and make sure I stick to them!

I'm always trying to be more organised, and now with the new school year just around the corner, my second year of uni about to beginning and a baby on the way now is probably the best time to get myself organised and on the ball.

The word Mål, pronounced 'mo-l', means goal in Swedish.

This 271 paged planner is simply set out and really easy to use and its main aim is to help you become more productive.

Instead of jumping straight into the monthly view pages, this planner has a few notes/instructions at the start to help aid you in the best way to put this planner to use.

It has a cheat sheet at the very beginning which has lots of guidance on how to set effective goals and tips and tricks on affirmations and even tells you about the A, B, C, D, E method which helps you prioritise your lists of to-dos helping make your daily tasks more manageable.

Then on to the actual planner, you have a two-page spread for each of your long-term goals, medium-term goals and then your short-termed goals. 
Then you get the monthly review pages that you can write out from whenever you purchase the planner. 
Then you have your weekly review pages, which is where you can jot down your weekly tasks starting with the most important to additional tasks that will need completing that week.

Then you have your daily planner page, where you have space to write three things you are grateful for, the planner suggests you write these down first thing in the morning.

Your daily affirmations, if this is something you feel you may struggle with at first there are some suggestions at the start of the planner and then you have space to write down your daily tasks and goals that need to be achieved that day.
Then at the end of the day, you can go back and jot down something great that happened.

Then at the back like all good planners, you have space to write important or quick notes on.

I really love how the planner is set out and all the useful tips it suggests to help make sure you get the most out of the planner.
I've set mine up to start from September so that when the new term starts I am ready for it.

Handy little pocket 

The planner costs £21.95 with free shipping for the UK
You can purchase one here.

The lovely guys over at Mål Paper have given me a 15% discount code for my readers, so if you guys do fancy buying one of these for yourself make sure to pop in


at the checkout!

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