Friday 16 December 2022

Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures



With the many different cultures in the world out there to explore there’s a great opportunity for your child to develop their skills. They have the chance to broaden their horizons and guide children in making friendships easily with other people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. In many schools and nurseries, like this Gerrards Cross nursery, different cultures have a big impact on our relationship with food, history, and many other elements.


In this guide, we take a look at the ways you can teach your child to offer respect to people of all different cultures and ethnicities, which allows your child to really understand the world they live in.

Explore different cuisines

A good and easy way of exploring lots of different cultures is going to be by making lots of different foods and trying them all out with your child. There’s a lot your child can try out in the many different meals that are both accessible and exciting for everyone in the home to try. While spaghetti is a classic with your child, you could expand this further to other, lesser-known Italian dishes to keep them on their toes for example.

Get involved in different cultural celebrations

There are so many cultural traditions from each country in the world that there are plenty of ways you can incorporate them into your child’s learning. Look at the calendar and see what pops up in the next few weeks and plan ahead. Your child could get involved in New Year celebrations from China, Thailand, and lots of other countries, or they could try something closer to home, like Burns Night in Scotland.

Get your child’s friends involved

Your child is going to meet a lot of new people in school, many of which will have their own unique backgrounds. This is your child’s opportunity to explore these different cultures and ask open questions about what they could learn about different countries. Let your child become aware of the wider world and build their skills in exciting ways through their friends.

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