Friday 18 August 2023

What should I ask at parent’s evening?

It seems over the school year, parents don’t get many opportunities to have a proper sit down with their child’s teacher to discuss their progress and updates. This is why parents’ evening is a time that most look forward to, given that it is completely dedicated to getting an insight into their child's academic progress ad overall well-being within the school environment. Unfortunately, given that these sessions are short due to the number of parents that attend, it is important to ensure you go prepared. Here is some advice from this sixth form in Devon, on what you should ask when you attend parents’ evening.

How is my child progressing academically?

The main aim of parent’s evening is to understand your child’s academic performance. You can ask the teacher about your child’s strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects and dig deeper into their approach to learning. As well as this, be sure to inquire about any noticeable changes in their study habits or participation in class. This will give you an insight into your child’s learning style and whether any adjustments need to be made to support their academic growth. 

How is my child’s social and emotional development?

Education truly goes further than academics, it also takes social and emotional growth into consideration. Ask your child's teacher about your little one’s interactions with their peers, their attitude towards learning, and any changes in their behaviour. Looking into your child's emotional well-being can help you identify any signs of anxiety, stress, or other concerns that may have an impact on their learning.

How can I support my child’s learning at home?

If you don’t feel confident supporting your child's learning at home, the best person to get tips from is their teacher. Collaborate with them and discover new ways to extend your little one’s learning experience at home. Ask for recommendations such as books or websites that can be explored together, to support their classroom learning.

Parent's evening is a great opportunity to gain valuable insight into your child's academic and personal development. Keep these questions in mind for the next session, in order to get the most out of the time offered. 


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