Sunday 22 February 2015

Mother's Day BakerDays cake - review

I follow the BakerDays on Instagram and Twitter and so I thought I'd try my luck and see if they wanted another blogger to review their fabulous luck was in and they said I could review a Mother's Day letterbox cake.

They let me pick which design I wanted. 
Being a big fan of pink I went for the ...'I love you to the moon' design 

As soon as I opened the tin I was hit with the amazing smell of vanilla!!! 
The cake looked great, it smelled great and my gosh it tasted great!
Usually I get disappointed by cakes and think I could have done a better job myself but with the letterbox cake I don't think I could have even come close! 

There is a big selection to pick from, you can personalise them with a name or picture of yourself, the kids, the person you are sending it too or whatever takes your fancy.

They also offer a bespoke design service.

They do cakes for all occasions, if you ordered before 2pm you'll get next day delivery.
If you order a week in advance you will get free delivery 
You can check out their birthday-cakes here.

Once you've picked your cake you then get to pick your sponge, you have a choice of 6
• Vanilla
• Chocolate 
• Fruit 
• Half and Half
• Gluten free
• Dairy free

Your cake will come in a lovely little cake tin with a mini party pack. 
Their cakes stay fresh up to 14 days!!!!

They don't just offer the letterbox cakes they do, cupcakes small cakes 7", medium cakes 9", large cakes 12".

So why not treat your mum to a lovely cake for  .Mothers Day ... It really is the perfect gift because surely everybody LOVES cake!!!

You can get the letterbox cake for just £14.99! 

Why not go have a look for yourself BakerDays
I shall be ordering one for my mum and my Gran! 

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