Thursday 11 June 2020

Beach Day

The week before half term we decided to ditch the home learning and all go for a walk to the beach, to get some fresh air. to clear are heads and hope the boys didn't moan as much as they did the last time I made them walk to the beach.

We weren't planning on staying long, but the beach was pretty empty, the sea was warm enough for me even to dip my toes in and the weather was amazing we decided to stay a while.

We hadn't really gone prepared enough, we packed one hand towel to dry feet off on the off chance they wanted to paddle, juice for the boys and a flask of coffee for Jon and I.

Once there, they practically dived in fully clothed straight away!
That one hand towel definitely hand its work cut out for it,

It was nice to see them away from their games and all having fun, there was no moaning or arguing and they all played nicely as brothers, they even all made sure Ru was safe and no one was being left out....even Noah cracked a few smiles, which doesn't happen very often at the moment.

Jon and I soaked up some rays and enjoyed our coffee and the view whilst the boys enjoyed themselves.
It was nice to have some peace and breathe in the sea air.
It really made me feel much better.

It was nice to see the beach empty and not over crowed like many photos I've seen on social media, though when we did eventually head back home, the beach was getting busier.

We've lived just up the road from this beach for nearly 4 years and I'm pretty sure this was the first time we'd spent half the day there as a whole family.
Usually we go for an hour tops or I tend to walk them there with friends to have an ice cream, so it was nice for all of us being there and playing as a family.

Once the weather picks back up we'll be heading back fully prepared with more towels and swim shorts a picnic and supplies to keep us busy.

As we headed home for lunch the local chip shop was doing takeaways, and nothing beats chip shop chips after a morning at the beach so we couldn't resist buying some to eat on the walk home!

Perfect way to end a perfect morning.

xxx Stay Safe xxx

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