Saturday 3 October 2020

...It's a GIRL...

 Soooooo yesterday we had our 20-week scan...

Everything is looking great with the baby, measurements are all spot on and looking healthy...and we found out we are having a little girl. 

Completely changing our boy dynamic!

We were expecting to find out we were going to be having another boy join our clan, so we were totally thrown when we were told it was a girl. Jon pretty much cried and I was just in a state of shock.
We had come to the conclusion in our heads that I just couldn't carry a girl, due to the miscarriages.

Safe to say everyone was over the moon when we told them, and most were in the same shock we were.

I decided to buy a gender reveal balloon for the boys to pop, as they were all eager to know the gender, they said they werent too bothered by what it was going to be, though they did say they'd prefer a boy. Ru was dead set on me giving birth to a 5yr old named billy - I had to let him down gently and say that would never happen!

The balloon was a bit hard for them to pop, Noah was sticking the pin in and nothing was happening but eventually, with a big jab, the balloon popped and out flew the pink confetti ...... which of course you'd automatically guess it was a girl, but no not my boys they looked at me and asked 'so what is it?'

After finding out it was a girl, they all asked are you sure?
Then they all left as though nothing had happened and logged onto their game consoles!
Ru had made a bet with his martial arts teachers, so now he owes her sweets - something he isn't very pleased about!

My pregnancy so far;

I have finally stopped being sick, which has been a godsend as I just couldn't do anything before, now my energy levels are back and I can venture away from the bathroom. I am being seen by a consultant as well as my midwife due to being 'high risk' thanks to having a set of premature twins and a c-sections, along with my previous miscarriages, so I am getting scans every four weeks, to keep an eye on her. At my last consultant appointment which was at 16 weeks, he agree I could be allowed a home birth as everything was looking fine and I have already had a VBAC at home without any complications.

Which is great as I really have my heart set on a water birth at home. 
I've never had a water birth, I did plan one for Noah's but the pool never got put up in time due to the football being on (one of the cons of having a home birth when the footie is on)
My mum has a pool, so I won't need to rent one or buy one which is really handy.

Placenta smoothies and pills are back on the agenda, as I did this with both the twins and Ru and It's something I more than likely do again.

I'm starting to feel slight movements which I love as it keeps my mind happy that she's still alive and her heart is beating, I am still constantly worried something bad is going to happen but with every week target I hit I am put at ease. I won't be truly at ease until she is here in my arms.

Now we finally know the gender, we are able to start buying her cute little girly outfits and baby accessories and even more importantly find the perfect name for her!!

19 week bump.

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