Thursday 22 October 2020

Ace Ultra for Whites Laundry Bleach / Review.

When the boys started their new school, I knew instantly that their bright white polo shirts would come home looking like they'd spent the day being dragged through a muddy field and back again for good measure.....and they certainly didn't let me down!

After their first day, it looked like they had spent a week camping at a muddy festival rather than actually sitting in a classroom learning.

The boys just seem to look at dirt and it automatically jumps upon them, so when I was asked to try out Ace Ultra it was a no brainer and of course agreed, anything to help battle this never-ending mission I currently am on.

Ace Ultra for Whites aims to bring your dull and faded whites back to life.
It surely didn't disappoint, I was half expecting to have to put the polos all back in and try a few times, but after the first wash all the stains were gone and they were all looking bright and white, just like new!

My usual weapon for tackling stains really wouldn't have had such a good result the first time around, so I was really impressed. 
Ace Ultra also didn't smell to bleach like thanks to the floral blossom scent.

The shirts did come out feeling slightly stiff compared to normal, but once they had been in the tumble dryer they were back to feeling soft.

How I used it;
I pour the Ace in my softener compartment up to the fill line,
Ran on a cycle of 40 degrees for an hour.
There are full instructions on the bottle for you to follow.

Afterwards, I did run a drum clean cycle on the washing machine as I was worried the bleach may affect the dark load I was about to run, but after using Ace Ultra for a few weeks now I know that that isn't something I need to worry about and none of my dark loads has been bothered by the fact the washing machine had just used bleach in a previous load.

I have seen Ace products in my local Morrisons but have never really paid them much notice, but now Ace for whites is definitely a product that I shall be reaching for in the future when my bottle finally runs out.

Just like new!

You can buy Ace Ultra for Whites in your local Morrisons, to find out more about Ace and their products why not pop over to their website and have a look.

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