Wednesday 14 October 2020

Evening beach trips, Mushroom Hunting and general goings on.

Thought I'd do a quick life update, rather than just a baby update.

I havent done one in a while and again I have been putting the blog to one side, with the boys all back at school and life becoming a little more of the new normal I start sharing more on the blog.

The younger three all started a brand new school at the start of September, which I was a little worried about but they have all settled in really quickly and it's like they have always been there. We received their report cards last Friday and we were both very impressed with them!

Noah has settled back into life at secondary school and is even getting the bus their and back by himself without any moaning!

Each of the boys has also gone up a belt in martial arts and now Noah is only two belts away from going for his black belt!

After Martial arts, we occasionally pop to the beach to watch the sunsets.
You really can't beat a beautiful sunset to end the day, the boys all love running around and we can just sit back and take it all in. It really is perfect if you've had a stressful day, as the sea can just wash it all away!

In a bid to cut down on our plastic I have been buying the boys fewer snacks for after school and baking treats myself!
The boys seem to enjoy this more and it gives me something to do during the day when I'm not doing my uni work or tidying up after the wild ones.
Also, our plastic waste has been reduced with fewer snacks in the house and the boys aren't missing their sweet shop bought treats.
I will probably share a whole blog post on all the backs that I have been making.

A firm favourite - Chocolate chip cookies!

With the boys back at school, we have been trying to make the most of the free time we have and the other week we popped to Norwich to try out a restaurant that I have been lusting after for months over on Instagram.

The Tipsy Vegan 

Jon told me has wasn't expecting much, but was actually blown away with how amazing everything tasted.

Watching him eat I could see all the emotions going on and it really was quite amusing! I haven't had a meal as good as that in ages, so I really enjoyed every bite and cannot wait to revisit!

The baby girl shopping has well and truly started and I can already see it becoming a bit out of hand!
Everything is so pretty!

After popping out to a local cafe with my mum and trying an awesome pumpkin spiced cake I decided to try my hand at making my very own pumpkin cake!
It was even if I say so myself, one of the best cakes I've ever made!!
It tastes a lot like carrot cake, so even the boys were impressed, I couldn't find any sugar pumpkins for decoration so I had to make do with sugar carrots.

As I'm not going to the gym at the moment, due to corona and not wanting to pick up any germs I am trying to get out and walk more in a bid to hopefully not put on too much weight this pregnancy. Over lockdown, I like most people did pack on a few extra pounds but I since walking every other day I have managed to lose them and feel like I look a little better .... even with the baby bump.

Whilst on our walks I love seeing all the cows wandering around and being able to get close enough to get some good snaps of them.

Also, a new favourite thing of mine is mushroom hunting!!
I cannot get enough of these beautiful looking fungi!

I have also started my third year at the Open University - this technically is the start of my second year! I am doing it part-time so only studying one module a year making a brick uni year last two.

I am currently reading Far From The Maddening Crowd for my first unit and to say it's a bit of a challange would be to undersell it, I usually have my head stuck in a thriller novel so it is a little out of my comfort zone but none the less I am enjoying it so far.


Our homegrown produce has dwindled slightly due to the growing season, but we recently picked all our homegrown pumpkins ready for the boys to carve come Halloween!
We are all very pleased with their outcomes, we have also been give extra pumpkins from Jon's parents garden that I am hoping to use in a few autumn based recipes.


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