Monday 16 November 2020

A Mini Upcycling Project

 For the past few weeks after a strange dream, I had, I've been constantly making baby lists, of items that we need / things I want.

One of the big buys was going to be a changing unit/chest of drawers, I had seen a few I liked and even though pricey I decided it was needed and I just had to put up with spending a mini fortune on some new drawers, as I have nowhere else to store the baby's clothes.

Skip to last weekend when I had just successfully finished painting all the kitchen cupboards and was feeling pretty smug with myself, I saw someone had posted up on Facebook marketplace a cute set of vintage-looking drawers for free - not quite changing unit height but cute non the less!

Another little upcycling project for me to take on.

I decided I'd have them, I only had to drive down to the end of the road to pick them up to, so it was looking like a win-win situation.

I already had the paint which was leftover from my kitchen update and the drawers were free, so even if I didn't end up using them for the baby it wouldn't have cost me anything.

It took me a few days of painting, as I ended up doing three coats, just to make sure it was all even and I was over the moon with the results...



I'm really pleased with the end result and it fits in well in my room, as I have already used the grey paint on the bedside tables. Once it was in my room, I still couldn't bring myself to putting in all the baby's clothes as inside the drawers I still felt needed a little something. 

I'd hoovered them out and wiped them clean but still decided they needed a little something, I was going to 
buy some scented lining paper, but then decided even that wouldn't be enough to help me feel that I was able to put in brand new baby clothes in (snobby I know) so whilst in the bath, I had a bit of a brain wave and decided to buy some of that sticky back vinyl paper that people use to cover kitchen cupboards and units. 

So on Sunday, we popped to B&Q to purchase two rolls of the sticky back vinyl paper in a gloss white finish.

Once the kids were all settled down after lunch playing on their games I went upstairs to tackle the drawers.
It took a good hours work, and it's probably not one of neatest attempts of my work but it did the job I was hoping it would and the drawers are now all spotless and wipeable!

Once I'd finally finished lining the drawers I set about organising all the baby's clothes into the drawers.
 I feel nesting has well and truly begun!

Eventually, I will probably have to buy another set of drawers as I know these will fill up quickly and I do still need a changing unit but in total for the whole chest of drawers upcycle cost £9!!!
And because of that, I shall do a little happy dance!

**Paint used**

Grey - Frenchic Lazy range in spitfire

Pink - Frenchic Al Fresco in Dusky Blush.

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