Wednesday 25 November 2020

Cancer Care Parcel Review

 Today I'm going to share something a little different.

We all get affected by cancer at some stage in our lives, be that seeing a loved one pass, become diagnosed with cancer and have to go through the long cancer treatment process or even ourselves will get diagnosed with cancer.

So what can we do for those loved ones who are going through that hard time?

Spread a little kindness, show them that we are there and we are thinking of them.

A nice way to do this is by sending a care package, we could make these ourselves which is always nice but if you don't have the time or you aren't sure what to put in your care package the guys over at cancer care parcel have a range of suitable parcels you can choose from and send straight to your loved one.

They vary in price, so something to suit everyone's budget, and also they have a range of different sort of parcels,

Ones for twins, breast cancer patients, those going through Chemotherapy, big boxes and small boxes.

All full of thoughtful gifts that aim to try and bring a little comfort to your loved one in their cancer journey.

I was sent the luxury breast cancer gift hamper which retails at £89.99.

This gift is guaranteed to make your friend/loved one know that you are looking after them.

For Comfort

✓ BLANKET: For a warm, cosy and comforting feeling during therapy, at the hospital or at home.

✓ NECK CUSHION: Soft to the touch this neck cushion provides fantastic support and can help relax.

✓ BED SOCKS: Perfect Solution to cold feet that can result from chemo treatment.


✓ RIBBED FOOT ROLLER: To take the mind away from the everyday stress of cancer.

✓ LIP BALM: To soothe and protect.

For Nausea

✓ ANTI-NAUSEA WRIST BAND: A clinically proven, drug-free alternative treatment for the control of nausea.

✓ PEPPERMINT HERBAL TEA BAGS: Peppermint tea has numerous health benefits including stress relief and relaxation.

To Relieve Stress

✓ COLOUR PAD AND PENCILS: For relaxation.

✓ SLEEP MASK: To help shut out the world and get much-needed rest.


✓ WOVEN COOL FOOD BAG: Having several small meals a day is often advised when feeling nauseous. This small personal cooler suits this purpose, it is practical and robust enough for everyday use.

✓ EARPHONES: Spare earphones to help listen to relaxing music and take the mind off treatments and nausea.

✓ WATER BOTTLE: Keeping hydrated is very important when you are not eating well. This water bottle is easy to hold, eco-friendly and BPA free.




I thought the box had a great range of items to help one feel more comfortable and relaxed, and I think a cancer care parcel is something I would end up sending out as a care package to a loved one.

I like the fact there is a good range of boxes of all prices and for all cancer patients.

Along with the care parcel, I was also sent a few helpful tips on how to comfort and help your friend or loved one going through cancer.

Here are some of their suggestions on how to lend a hand,


  • prepare a meal
  • pick up prescriptions
  • do the shopping
  • organize doctor appointments
  • take them to appointments
  • make difficult phone calls
  • tidy the house
  • take care of children
  • talk to their partner
  • take care of a pet
  • do the washing up
  • arrange a night out (or at home with a movie)
  • arrange a simple day out
  • help research subjects as directed by your friend
  • read his or her emails/blog if they decide to write about their cancer
  • let them know that you are available if an unexpected need comes up
  • organize a phone chain/or support team to regularly check on your friend
  • offer to take notes during an appointment
  • offer to provide company during a treatment
  • go for a walk together

Do you feel a cancer care parcel is something you'd think about sending a loved one?
If so and you'd like to find out more about the different hampers on offer why not head over to and see what they have available.

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