Friday 8 January 2021

33 Weeks Pregnant

 I'm 33 + 5 weeks pregnant and the last three weeks have been a bit of a challenge, I'm currently been monitored for Obstetric Cholestasis which means weekly blood tests at the hospital and constantly being itchy, I have been given some creams which help for a bit but then the itching comes back, after constant use they also started blocking my pours up which in turn made me itchier, so I have thankfully found some lotions and oils that are currently helping which I was given for Christmas and my birthday.

The Welda nursing oil and Neal's Yard Mothers Balm has been my saviours and have really helped calm my itching. Unfortunately, the only way it will completely stop is when the baby has been born.

Other than being an itchy mess, nesting fully kicked in once Christmas was over and I got all the baby clothes out and gave them a wash ready for her arrival.

I actually really enjoyed folding up all her little baby grows and blankets. It was nice having a basket full of pinks and whites rather than the dull array of boys clothes that I am usually folding up on a daily basis.

I love crochet blankets and always lust after them when I see them on Etsy or up on Instagram, so for Christmas Jon bought me a little easy to follow baby blanket kit, which I was excited to start but worried it would end up like most of my other crochet, not very good and put back in the bag but so far I've been really impressed with my attempt. I can't wait to see it finished!

Along with getting all the baby clothes washed I went out and bought some nappies and bits to help me feel more prepared for her arrival.

I've decided I am going to be using Kit and Kin nappies as they are eco friendly and gentle on baby's skin. I'm not quite ready to jump back into cloth nappies straight away but I do think I will end up using them again, as I loved seeing Ru crawl around in his colourful nappies.
I'm also going to be using Welda baby products as they are all-natural and I know that they are good products, as I use the brand too.

I know they are in the higher price bracket but I do think spending a little on decent skincare due to most of the boys having sensitive skin I can guess this baby will be no different and eco-friendly products is my way of doing a bit to help the planet, I have sent so many nappies to the landfill thanks to the twins and Noah.

I have also purchased a few more items off my to-buy list and that is my changing bag and changing mat.
The changing back is from The Nest Planner and my changing mat is from Mabel and Fox.
I think the only thing left to buy off my list is my carrier and I will be buying that at the end of January.

Only 7 weeks to go!

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