Sunday 10 January 2021

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child


Research has found that the more involved parents are with their child’s academic endeavours, the more likely they are to perform well. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit next to them every time they’re completing a piece of homework. 

Equipping your child with the right tools for success is one of the easiest ways to show you support them on their educational journey. 

Even setting up a dedicated study space in your home will prove your commitment to their success. Here are some tips for setting up the perfect study environment for your child, from an independent school in West Sussex.

There are lots of things to consider when setting up a study space for a child. Lighting is important and it would be great if your child’s desk could be near a window, as natural light is better for productivity. 

Without decent lighting, your child may suffer from eye strain and headaches, which will reduce their ability to concentrate and give their all to their schoolwork. The same applies to the desk and chair because if your child is not comfortable when doing their homework or exam revision, they will rush through it. 


The study space should also be equipped with all of the necessary books and equipment and kept neat and tidy. If your child has to search for a ruler or a particular textbook, they will waste valuable study time. 

This might mean you have to invest in some storage boxes or a bookshelf, but it will be worth it if your child is able to focus on their work rather than the clutter that surrounds them.


It goes without saying that a study environment should be free from distractions. If your child can spot their PlayStation from the corner of their eye, or someone is watching TV in the same room, they have very little chance of being able to concentrate.

Other members of the family should also be respectful of your child when they are studying and try and refrain from interrupting them. 

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