Sunday 9 January 2022

AD // Sensory Fun with Jaques Of London

I've teamed up with the guys over at Jaques of London to bring you a couple more gorgeous wooden toys, that would make great Toys for 3-year-olds.

Jaques of London has been creating quality toys and games since 1795.

I worked with them previously just before Christmas on gift ideas for Bea and I fell in love with how great their products are so was more than happy to do another review for them.

I love how the toys are all gift wrapped ready to be gifted and inside each box, there is a little card telling you who packed your gift. 
These little touches make it more personal when shopping online, showing that it's not just a robot aimlessly chucking out products without a care in sight.

The products are made to last and the designs are beautifully bright, just ready to capture the child's eyes and imagination.


The Discovery blocks are one of Jaques of London's most popular sensory toy for 3-year-olds, there are 12 sensory blocks that will calm your child and develop their sense of sight, sound, and touch. 
This set is manufactured using 100% FSC approved wood. 
The bright colours are created using water-based paint for hours of safe play. 

Sensory play helps with cognitive development, which helps develop motor skills, encourages problem-solving, stimulates the senses, and provides plenty of opportunities for investigation, exploration, creativity, and play.

Bea loves her discovery blocks and spent most of this morning playing with them, her favourite is definitely the mirror, she loves looking at herself.
Even Ru enjoyed playing with them, he's a big sensory seeker so instantly took to them with all their different patterns and different sounds they made.

I'd say this was a big win in the mini beast house.

We love music, we have Alexa playing most of the day with a range of different music that we can all enjoy.
 Bea often bops along to anything with a good beat, so I knew she'd love making her own.

Musical toys have multiple sensory benefits, such as helping your little one with those fine motor skills.
This kid's Xylophone is a perfect Montessori toy.
Montessori toys are ones that stimulate learning by encouraging kids to play.

The Xylophone comes with two musical sheets that your child can use to help them play a selection of well-loved nursery rhymes. 

The keys are all well labelled with musical notes as letters to help your child play along which correspond with those on the musical sheets.

Then in time, they will be able to match the right notes to the right colour, making them play it more easily.

Bea had great fun making her own music, and again I can see this being a very well-loved toy when she's a bit older.

*All products were gifted but the thoughts are my own.

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