Tuesday 11 January 2022

Teaching Your Child to Use the Internet Safely


The dawn of the internet has brought about many great opportunities for children but also comes with lurking threats to be aware of. Internet safety is important to teach children and has several lessons, all of which a private school in Bristol shares more on below.

Screen Time

Screens can be awful for the eyes and prolonged time on social media platforms can result in worsened mental health as studies report. The cut-off time that they suggest is 3.5 hours which going beyond can result in serious consequences. 

This can be hard to actually implement in the real world but can be made possible through apps and device restrictions. These can all force-shut applications, rendering them useless and helping your child to stay away.



The internet can be a nasty place with anyone able to share their thoughts and opinions regardless of what they are online. In recent years social media has gotten better to allow for censoring of comments containing certain words and increased privacy. 

This is something that you can teach your child about through promoting self-love, acceptance, and how to use these tools.


Blocking Inappropriate Content

Blocking pop-ups and inappropriate websites can help you to keep a careful eye on what your child views online without having to watch their every move. 

This can also be done by placing adult restrictions on the internet via their phone network or your internet provider. 


Revealing Personal Information

Sharing information online unfortunately comes at the risk of falling into the wrong hands. It can be used for identity theft to trick other people by “catfishing” or for other more sinister reasons. 

To protect your child’s information, encourage them to opt for a private account and to not add strangers or others claiming to go to a nearby school. 

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