Saturday 15 January 2022

Out and About with Bea

On Monday I had a little pop-up on Instagram about a new play and stay that had opened up in Kings Lynn called Hello Friends, I usually ignore most of the pop-ups, but with this one I couldn't, as It looked lovely!

I headed over to their Instagram and was blown away by how lovely it looked, So I made sure to book Bea a slot.

They offer two slots daily, a morning session and an afternoon session.

I booked us a morning session, thinking getting to Lynn for half 9 would be no problem, in my head we still live in Heacham I didn't factor in the journey from our new place, so we were a little late but still had plenty of time to play.

We were greeted by one of the owners and their youngest at the door, they showed us upstairs.
It was just like stepping into someone's home.
It was beautifully laid out with beautiful montessori toys for role play, climbing, counting pretty much everything your little babe could ask for.

They have 3 rooms, one for chilling and reading in, one for tiny babies to relax and play in, and then the main room for the older babies and toddlers to play in and their grown ups to play along or sit and chill with a hot drink.

We stayed in the main room, Jon sat down and ordered us coffees, whilst Bea and I got stuck right in.

Bea made a few friends and enjoyed exploring all the toys that were on offer.

The owners were lovely and really made us feel right at home, even Jon who hates baby places was relaxed and even said he'd be happy to return when Bea and I go again.

Bea had a yummy breakfast plate half way through our session as she had hardly eaten any of her breakfast that morning.
She munched up most of it. 
Most play and stays dont offer up food as nice as this, so it was another reason for us to go back.

Bea found a stroller and instantly took a shining too it, and she ran around the room pushing it along, she loved it so much we have decided to buy her one for her first birthday.
We have been struggling with trying to find the right present for her, so it was perfect seeing her enjoying it so much.
I can't wait to see her little face when she sees it!

The main room gave us some inspiration for Bea's home play area, as we are in the middle of rearranging the lounge ready for her to have half of it for a mini playroom.
Her birthday is coming up and she'll be getting a teepee and a ball pit and that'll take up some room, but the rest will be a little bit like Hello Friends set up, so im hoping she'll love it!

If you're in the Kings Lynn area and have a baby I definitely recommend booking a slot and going along.
The slots are 1hour 45 minutes long and are priced at £8.50, which I know is slighter higher than your average stay and play but it is definitely worth it.
We can't wait to go again,

*I wasnt asked to share this post, we just enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share with other local mums who may be looking for somewhere to take their little ones.

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