Tuesday 8 February 2022

Bea is a whole one year old!


Soo my little baby is no longer that little.
 Bea turned a whole one-year-old on Sunday and I just can't quite wrap my head around it.
It only feels like yesterday I found out I was having a girl and now boom here she is and she's a whole one-year-old.

We had a little gathering of family and had a mini birthday party spread, mainly for the kids.
The adults mainly stood around picking at the non-sugary rubbish whilst the big kids all dived in and munched away at everything else.

 Bea's gorgeous cake was from The Cake Tin Kitchen, all the boys have had a cake from here and it seemed only right that Bea's first-ever cake would be from here too. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
Bea's wallpaper was the inspiration and it was just perfect for our little bumblebea.
I love that I have a few keepsakes from the cake to keep on display in Bea's room too.

Bea was very spoiled and now has a lovely little play area in our lounge, with a teepee and her very own ball pit, due to covid most ball pits in soft plays have been sectioned off so Bea had never experienced the joys of a ball pit, until now and she is a massive fan. 
She loves it when the boys all watch her chuck the balls around and giggles' when they run around trying to catch them and put them back.

Homemade pancakes for her birthday breakfast.

I think Bea had a lovely time, she hardly napped and loved being fussed over by all her favorites.

Now she's one I thought I'd share a few things she loves and a few things she dislikes.


Feeding like a newborn,
Her brothers,
Brushing her teeth,
Daily walks in her carrier,
Strawberries & bananas,


Her Cot,
Being put down when she's fallen asleep on the boob,
Having her bottom changed,
Having her face cleaned after she's made a mess eating,
Not being allowed to climb the stairs every five minutes!

Bea's little play area is really coming along, I have a few more things that I want to add and then I will share a post all about it.


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