Tuesday 22 February 2022


Half term was a bit of a washout due to the younger three boys all having Covid, but on Wednesday they all did their second lateral flow test which came back negative so we decided to head to the beach for some sea air.

Instead of heading to our usual haunt of Hunstanton, we decided to go somewhere different, we picked Cromer as we hadn't actually been before.

The weather was a bit cloudy when we arrived but it soon cleared up.
We headed to the pier first as the twin and Ru had never been on one or seen one, so it was quite funny watching their reactions to walking on one and seeing the sea beneath them.
Both Ru and Oscar aren't fans of heights so they stuck close to Jon and me but did really well considering.

After we had walked around the pier we decided to grab some lunch, we were going to get some fish and chips but all the restaurants looked busy, so picked a random restaurant called Lily-Mai's that we walked past previously on the hunt for a fish and chip place.

All our meals were amazing, the twins had a burger, Ru had sausage and chips, Jon had a ridiculous-sized burger, Noah wasn't overly hungry so just went with halloumi fries and I had a risotto.
I had packed Bea a little lunchbox as I wasn't sure where we would end up for lunch but I was able to order her a toddler-sized portion of pasta bolognese.

Everyone was over the moon with their meal and all left empty plates.
The staff were lovely and we had a great view of the pier from our table. 
We'll definitely be returning.

After lunch we had another roam around the town and then headed down to the seafront.

We all miss living close to the sea, so it was nice to be back beside it.


Bea even got her first taste of seaside living, we plonked her down on the sand and she was loving life!
The last time we were on a beach Bea was only a few weeks old.

She loved kicking the sand with her feet and touching it with her hands, she even enjoyed watching the waves roll in.

I can't wait for warmer weather so we can have a proper beach day with her.

We ended the trip with the arcades, we gave the boys all a tenner and let them loose.
Ru won all the tickets, Noah won a sonic the hedgehog plushie from the claw machines and the twins got a few tickets and went mad on the 2p machines.

It was a great little trip out and the sea air all did us the world of good.
Now we need to plan some days out to make up for the lack of a half term we had.

If anyone knows of good days out in Norfolk please pop them in the comments.


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