Sunday 20 February 2022

Half term fun with Playmobil

Just before half term we were very kindly sent two amazing Playmobil sets.
Ru loves Playmobil so was over the moon when he unboxed them to see what we were given.

We were sent the City Recycling Truck and Mars Expedition.
Not only was Ru excited when he saw the kits, but Jon was too. 

The City Recycling Truck sent him right back to his own childhood, as he had the same truck set when he was little and said it was his favourite toy, even his mum commented on the truck when she saw it.

Ru decided to build the City Recycling Truck first, as hearing it was his daddy's favourite he wanted to play it with him.

This set was easy enough for Ru to do on his own, I only needed to help with a few things, such as getting the hubcaps in the wheels as Ru couldn't quite push them in hard enough.

The instructions were nice and easy to follow and he had the truck built in about half an hour.
As soon as it was built Ru was off playing, driving it all around the house picking up rubbish to recycle.

His favourite features are the flashing lights and being able to dump the rubbish into the truck, like a real recycling lorry.

Set Info

 The playset includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, a city recycling truck with flashing lights and a removable roof, two garbage cans, a garbage container, and other extras. 
To empty the truck, the rear part is detached and the vehicle attachment is folded up.

Set Accessories

Figures: 2 men: 1 garbage truck, 1 cap, 1 peaked cap, 2 sardine cans, 2 fish bones, 1 bottle, 2 cans, 1 walkie talkie, 1 fire extinguisher, 3 garbage cans

Recommended for ages 4+

You can buy it here for RRP £24.99

Mars Expedition Set

This set was more of a challenge for Ru, it had way more parts to it and longer instructions, so we decided to build it as a team.

Again the instructions were easy to follow and we had the set built in about an hour.
 Ru loved that it came with two vehicles and a space station he could really go to town with his imagination. 
After we had built it he was playing happily for hours, the fact that the power went out really didn't bother him at all unlike his brothers who all lost power to their beloved Xboxes. 
His favourite features were the main Mars Rover as it lights up and makes sounds and the Little Robot figure.

Set Info

The set contains two PLAYMOBIL astronauts, a Mars rover with a light and sound module, a Mars trike, a drilling station, a research laboratory, a robot, and many other extras for exciting Mars missions. Bracers and astronaut helmets are removable.

Set Accessories

Figures: 2 astronauts, 1 robot; 1 Mars rover, 1 Mars trike, 1 mound, 1 research lab with power supply, 1 rock drill, 1 grapple, 1 control unit for grapple with connecting cable, 1 control unit, 1 map, 4 food packs, 1 laser gun, 3 tetra pack, 3 rock tubes, 1 laptop, 1 research unit with light, 1 drill, 1 grapple, 1 launcher for signal rockets, 3 signal rockets, 12 minerals, 1 crate, 1 transmission tower, 2 space helmets, 2 pairs of arm cuffs

Recommended for ages 6+

You can find it here or at other online retailers. 

We had so much fun building both Playmobil sets and it was lovely to see Ru playing with toys rather than sitting in front of his Xbox this half term.
 Playmobil sets never fail to impress, even the other boys all had a play when Ru wasn't looking.

We also had fun making our first-ever stop motion reel on Instagram with the Mars Expedition set.
Ru loved seeing the astronauts come to life in our little mutiny in space film.

*We were gifted both sets, but all thoughts are my own.


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