Sunday 13 February 2022

AD // Affordable Art with Wychwood Art Gallery


I am forever on the hunt for new artwork to put up in the house, even more so now we are in a bigger house and I have more walls to fill. 

So when I heard about Wychwood Art Gallery and their limited edition prints and how affordable some of them could be, I was keen to take a look.

There is something for everyone's personal art taste and price range, I loved this as some online art galleries ask you to pay an arm and a leg for limited editions and not everyone can do this.

About Wychwood Art

Wychwood Art Gallery sells contemporary art online, in their Cotswold art gallery which is based in Deddington, and at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London in March each year. 

Representing just over 350 contemporary artists and offering a free art advisory service for artists that Wychwood Art represents. 

The artworks are all hand-selected by the Director of Wychwood Art, Deborah Allan. Deborah has worked in the international art world for over 15 years.

I have a real thing for Hares I love their spiritual connection and meaning, so when I saw this beautiful Running Hare by Zaza Shelley print I knew it needed to come and live in our house.

The symbolism of the hare is one of protective influence, as an animal guide it brings solitude and focus,
 it also brings Cupid, it is very much a nocturnal animal but like the blackbird, it brings in the new day. 
If the hare comes to you in a dream then celebrate the new dawn, the new day, and fresh opportunity.

The hare symbolizes fertility, when the hare appears spring is close. 
The hare represents Eostre, Ostara, Cupid, and also Aphrodite'.

I am now on the hunt to find the prints' perfect frame and then it can finally be put up on the wall in the master bedroom.

Would you buy art online or do you need to see it in person before you part with your cash?

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