Wednesday 23 February 2022

Why is Community Involvement Important for Children?


Community involvement is shown in a number of ways.

 It could be helping out at a charity shop, volunteering on a regular basis with a local organisation, raising money in group fundraising efforts, or helping as a volunteer carer. Children can learn plenty of skills through getting involved in community activities, which is why this Catholic girls school shows us the importance of community involvement.

Teaches children about patience and discipline

Your child is going to learn very quickly about the art of being patient with what they’re doing, taking their time in delivering what’s being asked of them, and allowing those they’re working with to be patient as well. Discipline is a really good technique to learn about, and it reminds children of how to be grateful and honest in front of people. 


Community involvement always means working with people from all walks of life, making for a good environment for your child to grow.

Improves a child’s confidence

Key parts of working in the community mean that your child is getting to grips with talking to people in different settings. 

They’re learning how to converse with others, work in terms and have fun while doing it. They will also be talking to people who want to share their stories and want to be heard. All of this, and more, will make a child feel more confident to talk to people and engage with them, no matter what background they come from.

They learn not to pass judgment

Your child is going to learn about people going through all walks of life. They may be struggling to handle bills or have a disability that hinders them from doing a lot of things in their life. 

This gives them a greater awareness of how other people could be going through a lot of different struggles compared to them.

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