Sunday 20 March 2022

AD // Bakedin Baking Club

During the February half term, we were sent the Junior baking club box from the Bakedin baking club.
We love baking and we all enjoy receiving a subscription box in the post, so when Ru opened up this box he was instantly excited and wanted to get baking straight away.

Our bake was Lemonade Cupcakes!

Ru donned his chef hat and apron and got to work.
He loved that everything was set up easily for him to do on his own.
He worked his way through the instructions and bags pretty easily and I only need to step in occasionally.

All the boys love lemon drizzle cake, so I knew these cupcakes wouldn't be around for long once they were ready.

Ru's favourite is always cracking the eggs, but he also enjoyed squeezing in the lemon juice and trying his hand at icing up the cakes, as usually that's my job and no one gets a look in.

I think he did pretty well, and they tasted amazing.
All the other boys came running down the stairs to grab one and we just managed to save one for daddy!

Have you tried a Bakedin subscription box yet?

If not and you fancy trying one of the fabulous Bakedin baking boxes you can use 
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  1. Ru looks quite the professional. This sounds like a great baking kit and the cakes look delicious x

  2. He loves getting busy in the kitchen! They tasted delicious 🤤 they also do boxes aimed at adults, I’m thinking I might give one a go x