Tuesday 22 March 2022

Out and About with Bea // Church Farm

Last week I decided to take Bea on her very first farm outing.
The sun was shining and we hadn't got any plans so once in from the school run I googled local farms and Church Farm rare breed centre popped up as our closest one.
I had heard good things about Church Farm but it was always a little too far from our old house and the boys never really wanted to go to a farm if I asked. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was nice and close to where we are now.

Bea and I were not disappointed!
The prices were reasonable, I think they're a little cheaper online than on the door, so next time I go ill definitely be buying tickets beforehand. 
The staff were all pretty friendly and the farm itself was great.

We headed off to see the sheep first and Bea was smittened straight away, she loved seeing all the sheep and lambs, bending down to see through the bars and pointing at them.

After seeing the sheep and pigs we walked over to see the goats and these were another big hit with Bea

She loved that they came right up to her and that she was allowed to touch them.
for one unfortunate goat, she did manage to poke him up the nose but he didn't seem too bothered by it and I quickly removed her hand!

As well as seeing all the different animals I think Bea was happy to have the freedom to roam around on her own without being carried or in the pushchair.
The farm wasn't busy so she could go at her own pace, often stopping to touch the ground.

We had a bite to eat before we left, we could have popped into the play area but by the time we'd finished eating Bea was ready for her nap so we decided to leave it, but we'll definitely be going in there next time.
I also think the boys would all love it here, so I am going to bring them in the Easter holidays as a little outing whilst Jon is at work.

Bea loves being out and about and loves exploring so Church Farm was a big hit!
With Bea walking and the weather warming up, I'm looking forward to more exciting days out with her.


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