Sunday 20 March 2022

Introducing Cocoro

I wanted to share a little post about a lovely small business that has firmly become a favourite of mine.
I have been following on Instagram for a while now as they are Montessori based and that is the route I am sort of taking with Bea.
 I love all Sarah's posts and I love that she offers out great advice for free, as well as having the option for a more personal 1to1 if that is what you are after.

Recently Sarah very kindly sent Bea her very first doll after talking to Sarah about how I wasn't sure which one to go for, being a boy mum at heart the doll thing is all very new for me and I wasn't quite sure where to start and if Bea was even ready for one.

Sarah talked me through the Minikane doll and told me how there is a diverse range suitable for all children of all different races and how they are all anatomically correct perfect for helping your little ones learn about body parts when they are a little older. 

They are usually aimed at children 3+ but we decided that Bea would be fine with her as there aren't any 
small parts that could come off.

I instantly fell for their charm, they are very cute and lifelike! 
Sarah let me choose which one I wanted and I went for 'Gabrielle' a cute little redhead, Bea has a reddish tinge to her hair and green eyes so I thought they would be perfectly matched.

Gabrielle was an instant hit with Bea, as soon as I had her out the box Bea was cuddling her and investigating her by touching her hair and face.
It was so sweet to watch, when she patted her back when she was cuddling her I couldn't help but melt.

Bea loves walking her around the garden in her little pushchair and it has become part of our daily routine now the weather is improving.

Sarah at Cocoro not only offers beautiful sourced items she also offers 1 to 1 support and workshops.

Sarah was so generous and even gifted us an outfit for Gabrielle and a very lovely book that has quickly turned into one of Bea's favourites!

Slow down on your doorstep, this book captures six mindful moments in nature through lyrical verse and delightful illustration.

Bea loves the pictures and even kisses the little chicks when we get to that page.
It's the one book she will let me read before she chucks another one in my lap.
Bea loves it so much that I have also recently bought another in the Slow Down series.

As well as showing you a little snippet of what is available over on Cocoro's website & Instagram page I wanted Sarah to have a little say and tell you all a little bit more about Cocoro and the passion behind it.

I started Cocoro in 2022. After the birth of our baby girl, I was searching for more flexibility, and for a way to balance family life & work. I wanted a new challenge alongside doing something I feel incredibly passionate about. 

I’ve worked for 20 years in early childhood education & parent support as a teacher, trainer & parent consultant. The thing I’m most passionate about is helping children’s emotional well-being & setting them up for a resilient future. 

I knew supporting parents would be a key part of Cocoro because it’s something I have always loved doing and believe is one way I can make a difference to families. 
In addition to the 1-1s that are fee-based, I also make sure I offer lots of free content on social media to make it accessible to everyone.

It’s not always easy to source beautiful toys, activities & books that support children’s well-being and development, and during workshops and 1-1s, parents are often asking for my suggestions…and so the Cocoro store was born. 

I choose everything in the store very carefully to make sure it supports children’s development - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! 
Fun is a key part of well-being, so we have toys and activities to cover it all…fun, adventure, relaxation, mindful living, big feelings - and we’ve just added a special under 2s section too. It’s also really important to me to make sure diversity is woven through the toys and activities we offer.

I’m so proud to run a small, independent, female-led business, and I make sure the store supports other independent & female-led brands. I love the feedback from people who’ve bought from the store & are so excited to receive their parcel. I also love getting messages from people who are following along for my free content & DM me to let me know it’s making a difference to their own and their family’s well-being. 

I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to make Cocoro a reality, and for everyone who is joining me on the journey. 
Their love & support means the world.


If you do anything today, please check out Cocoro!
Even give them a cheeky follow on Insta I promise you won't be disappointed.

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