Sunday 27 March 2022

Helping Your Child Develop their Fine Motor Skills


Fine motor skills are something we all need in order to complete some of the most normal everyday tasks in life. They are essentially the ability to move and control the small muscles in our hands, fingers, and wrists, so we need them to write with a pen, tie our laces, and use cutlery to eat. 

With this in mind, parents should try and find ways to help their children develop these skills from an early age. Here’s some advice from girls’ private school


Encourage Arts & Crafts


Creative activities are great for helping children develop their fine motor skills because they involve the intricate use of pens, pencils, and paintbrushes, to name but a few. 

Your child will start off with scribbles but as their fine motor skills improve, they will start to have more control over their crafting tools which will make for neater work. 


Play Board Games


Most board games require players to move small pieces across the board. This is another entertaining way to engage your child’s fine motor skills and help them practice. 

Board games can also be quite educational as they often require numeracy or literacy skills, as well as problem solving and teamwork. 


Ask for Help in the Kitchen


There are lots of cooking tasks that require the use of fine motor skills, so it’s a great opportunity for your child to practice. For instance, they may have to use a pair of tongs to handle food and pour liquids without spilling. 

Even asking them to help set the table is a great way to strengthen the muscles in their hands and wrists. 


Encourage Independent Dressing


While it might take a little longer to get everyone out of the door on time in the mornings, encouraging your child to dress themselves rather than doing it for them is important for their fine motor skills and independence. 

They will need to do up their zips and buttons, tie their laces, brush their teeth and hair, amongst other tasks.

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