Sunday 20 February 2022

How to Boost Your Child's Creativity

Creativity is a big part of how a child will begin to come to terms with opening their mind, exploring new areas, becoming better critical thinkers, and helping to find their passions. 
Creativity can be found through all walks of life in different subjects and experiences, both in school or nursery or at home.

This guide from a private school in Middlesex has some key tips to help your child with their creativity through their favourite things.

Make toys with kits

You can buy a lot of different kits that you can really explore with your child and give them the opportunity to practice assembling things and having fun while doing it. Your child can leave their own mark on the things they make with their own sparkles of creativity that can test a child’s critical thinking skills.

Try a range of different apps

There are plenty of apps to give your child the best chances at discovering what their skills are and how they can develop them. Give them some time each day to play a range of apps or games to keep their minds feeling inquisitive. They can be word matching games, story games, maths games, or science experiment games. There are a lot of different apps to try out that’ll test your child’s creative side, so try a few different ones to see which ones your child enjoys.

Allow them to explore art

A popular favourite with parents and children is time to look at arts and crafts. Spend a few times a week to look at making art with your child and let them choose what they want to explore. Give them the freedom to make decisions on things that they find fun, whether that’s using paints and glue, or making creations with pipe cleaners, foam pieces, and felt. 

However your child likes to use their time, let them explore it to boost their creativity.

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