Thursday 7 April 2022

Protecting the Earth with 100% recycled Eco Plush Toys!

Ahead of National Earth Day, Bea has been sent these 100% recycled Eco Plush Toys to help spread the word about being more eco-friendly. 

The super cute Eco Plush Teletubbies Toys are created from 100% recycled material and packaged in sustainably sourced cardboard boxes. 
They have been lovingly produced with future generations in mind.

These are the perfect way to help teach your little one about recycling and all the benefits that come with recycling.

The Eco Plush Toys are super soft and extra cute, Bea adores her Teletubbies Laa-Laa and Po, she loves talking to them as she wanders around the garden.
The Teletubbies is one of the only TV shows that she watches so it was lovely to see her face light up when she saw her new toys.

I love that they are 100% recycled, as when we found out we were having Bea we made a promise that we would do our best to make conscious decisions on toy buying and make sure what we did buy wouldn't end up in Landfill.
So most of Bea's toys are wooden and those that aren't will be saved as keepsakes for her to give to her children when she's older.

National Earth Day is this month and I feel it's important to get the next generation interested in saving the planet by making small changes, such as making better choices when it comes to buying toys.
If we don't all start making better choices there won't be a world left for future generations to enjoy.

Some great National Earth Day activities to spark a child's interest could be,
  • Make a bird feeder out of items that you'd recycle -eg. an old loo roll, and an empty plastic bottle.
  • Litter pick.
  • Plant a tree in the garden.
  • Start a seed jar.
Making fun choices always helps encourage kids to join in, they'll be having fun whilst learning about how important it is to make those right choices.

You can collect Eco Plush Toys in all your little one's favourite characters such as CoComelon, Blippi, My Little Pony, and Peppa Pig.
Suitable for ages 18 months +
widely available online and in-store from the likes of SmythsAmazon & The Entertainer and most big supermarkets.


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