Friday 29 April 2022

Here come the girls

So we finally have chickens again!
We got our new girls just over two weeks ago now and I could not be happier!

All the girls are hybrids so should lay most of the year.
I also picked 6 different hens so that I can get 6 different coloured eggs.
I miss having a basket full of rainbow eggs so it was high on my wish list to get that again.


We’ve named them 
Agatha, Audrey, Lilith, Violet, Hetty and Ivy.
They should lay, blue, olive green, white, brown & dark brown eggs. 
I have two blue egg layers, but they may be slightly different in colour.

Though I think of the blue eggers Ivy may be an olive egger, as I think she is the only one laying and we’ve had two olive eggs. 
So I’m not 100% sure until all 6 start laying. 
I’d say in a week or two we should have all 6 girls laying. 

Olive eggs are definitely my favourite!

I love having them in the garden and from Monday they can free-range as the avian flu restrictions are being lifted. 
I can’t wait to see them wandering around.

Lilith and her fancy feathers! 

I already want to set up another run for some Pekin bantams! 
Chickens are so addictive and they definitely have magic healing powers! 

Along with the chickens and all the gardening that I've been doing my mental health is definitely improving.

I hope you're all ready for lots of chicken-related posts.

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  1. Ohh! How exciting! I love their names and how interesting about the different coloured eggs. x