Monday 9 May 2022

Helping Your Child Become More Independent

Helping your child with their independence is important for their self-esteem and overall development. This is because it aids them in completing certain tasks without needing help from a grown-up. It’s also important for helping prepare them for the future when they eventually fly the nest.

 I have teamed up with a prep school in West Sussex to share some advice on how you can help your child become more independent. 


Give Them Space


You don’t always need to jump to your child’s side and save the day whenever they have a problem. Doing so won’t help them learn how to overcome obstacles independently. Give them some space to figure things out on their own because even if it takes a little longer, it will help them with their confidence and give them a sense of accomplishment. 


Give Them Chores


As your child grows older, give them some responsibilities around the house. Doing so will allow them to develop various key skills so that they don’t have to rely on you forever. Start off with some simpler tasks so that it is easy for your child to succeed, as this will make them feel good and motivate them to do it again in the future. 


Ask Their Opinion


Help your child understand that they can have their own thoughts and ideas by regularly asking for their opinion, like what you should have for dinner or what movie you should watch. By doing so, you will help them understand that their views are valid and give them some self-assurance. They shouldn’t have to rely on you to speak on their behalf or make decisions all the time, as this won’t lead to an independent thinker. 


Embrace Failure


As your child gets to grips with doing things on their own, they will most likely fail from time to time. When this happens, don’t be too hard on them or make a big fuss as this will damage their self-esteem and they won’t want to try again. Instead, remind them that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even grownups

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