Thursday 12 May 2022

Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery into Big School

When the time comes for your child to move up to a big school from nursery, they are probably feeling a mixture of emotions. It can be both exciting and daunting, as there will be lots of new experiences coming their way. 

To make the transition a little easier, I have teamed up with a nursery school in London to share some advice on what parents can do to support their little ones.


Talk About School in a Positive Light


To help your child feel less nervous and more excited about their new school, try and use positive terminology when talking about it. Talk about how exciting it will be to make new friends and explore new hobbies. Avoid saying things like “I hated school when I was your age” because that will fill them with anxiety. 


Take Your Child to Visit the School


If possible, try and take your child to the school a few times before their first day so that they can become more familiar with it. You don’t necessarily have to go inside because even simply getting them used to the journey to and from will help ease some of their nerves.


Encourage Your Child to Be Independent


When your child starts big school, they will be expected to know the basics of looking after themselves, like dressing and undressing for PE, using the toilet, or managing cutlery when eating. With this in mind, encourage your child to attempt these things at home without your help until they become more proficient and therefore more confident. 


Buy the Uniform Together


Get your child involved in buying their new uniform and other school supplies and try and make it an exciting, fun experience for them. Once you have bought the uniform and shoes, encourage them to practice putting it on and taking it off before the start of term so that they are ready for their first day.

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