Sunday 5 June 2022

Bea at nearly 16 months old.

I haven’t done a Bea update in a long time, so I thought I’d share one now, seeing as she’s nearly 16 months old!!!

Where has the time gone?

She is turning into such a character.
We’re still breastfeeding, in fact, she still feeds like a newborn.
If I’m sat down most often than not she’ll be on me having a feed just because she can.

She hates her cot, so much so she’s never slept in it, and Jon is cursing the day I made him but such an expensive one! 

I’ve completely failed at setting up a routine with her, all the boys had such a strict one and all benefitted from it and I’ve no idea why I can’t seem to get my bum into gear and start a proper one with her.
I keep blaming the fact its because she is breastfed but I know that's not the real reason, it's just me being lazy in a way.

She still has contact naps so I don’t ever get a moment's peace as she’s always on me or with me, so if anyone could point me in the direction of a good how-to book with guild line’s on would be great. 

She is getting better with food and is now enjoying most things I give her. 
She loves apples, though even more, she loves biting into every apple in the fruit bowl just to find that perfect one! 

She loves being outside exploring and trying to make friends with the chickens.

She still hates being in the car.

She loves music and dancing around the kitchen.

She loves water play, any water she finds her hands are in it, her current favourite is playing in the dog and cat bowls when I'm not looking and then emptying them all over the floor. I really need to buy her a water table.

She doesn't really play with her toys, I don't think they are suitable for her or just don't appeal to her so I need to find some that she likes as currently, she won't really play like the others did at this age and would rather just sit on me and feed and occasionally go over to her toys and just chuck them about then come back to me,
Even if I show her, she doesn't tend to spend more than a minute before she knocks them over and moans for a feed.

 I think if I can get her into a decent routine, get her used to sleeping in her own bed without needing constant feeds throughout the night and get her to start using up all her energy in a good way by attending more groups, weekly swimming trips and play at home we'll both benefit from it.

She is a right little diva but we all still adore her funny little ways.

Any help with a routine or toy recommendations would be fab.

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