Thursday 23 June 2022

The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children


Coding is a great resource for children to have in their back pocket that they can use to help them in a variety of ways. From building websites and animations to designing prototypes and products from scratch, there’s a lot that coding can be used for in modern-day society, which is why coding is a beneficial tool for kids to have.


In this guide from a grammar school in Surrey we take a look at the big benefits coding lessons have on children.

It can help your child discover what coding can be used for

There are heaps of reasons why coding is important in the modern-day and it can be why a lot of kids can naturally feel interested in learning about it. It can be used to make some of their favourite video games, apps, and animations they find online. It can also be used to make decisions using carefully built algorithms, which can really entice a child to learn more about the greatness coding can bring to them.

Sparks a child’s creativity

In the same vein as finding out what coding is used for, it also helps your child learn to be creative. Since there are so many different areas of coding to explore, your child can better learn how they can make their own creations with just a few lines of code. The results are done in real-time, so your child can look at what they’ve created and make amends to their designs. 

Improves a child’s writing skills

Code is only made through typing, so your child will soon have a real grasp on their writing skills once they pick up coding lessons. It will teach your child how to spell words correctly, as well as being able to know when and where to use each word that operates different parts of the code.

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