Wednesday 11 May 2022

Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for the School Bus


Catching the bus to and from school is a big step for children and it can often fill them with a sense of anxiety. With that said, it’s a good idea for parents to try and prepare their child as much as they can if they are going to be riding the bus going forward. This should help them feel less nervous when the time comes. So, how can parents help prepare their child for the school bus? Here are some tips from a senior school in Surrey.


Practice the Route


Before your child has to start catching the bus on their own, you should practice the route with them a few times first. This will help familiarise them with the journey so they are confident about when they should get on and off. It will also help them feel more comfortable with getting the bus as they’ll know what to expect. 


Talk About It


Don’t avoid the subject of the school bus. Try and ease your child’s nerves by talking about it and using enthusiastic, positive language to describe the experience. Give them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have so that you can put their fears to bed.


Find a Travel Buddy


Talk to the school and see if they can inform you of any other children in the local area who might be catching the same bus. That way, your child will have a familiar face whom they can travel with, even if they don’t necessarily sit together. 


Prepare for the Worst


Chat with your child about what they should do if things go wrong like if they lose their bus pass or money, miss the bus or if it doesn’t turn up. Your child needs to have a plan in place for these scenarios so that they don’t end up panicking.

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  1. When my eldest started college she had never really taken a bus buy herself so it was a big step. 3 years later and it's easy for her, well apart from when the college bus doesn't turn up and she has to use public buses. Ugh. x