Friday 8 July 2022

5 Screen Free Activities for Children

Today’s children grow up surrounded by a multitude of screens around them. Children are very observant and will notice adults using their devices for leisure and work. 

As a parent, putting your child in front of the screen is effortless and allows a lengthy amount of time to get domestic tasks complete and a time to be alone without being disturbed. 

However, given how education as well as keeping connected with peers online forces children into screen time, it is important to encourage your child to take further leisurely activities off the screen and into the real world. 

Here are 5 screen-free activities they can do. 

Bring out the board games.

 Get the whole family together and encourage your children to take part. It brings out competitiveness and allows your child to learn collaborative skills too. Board games can range from ones that help with education to ones that are just pure fun. Give yourself a break too by letting them get on with it with older siblings. Bonds can be created through teamwork. 

Reading books, 

especially those of length can keep a child who has an interest, occupied for long periods of time. 

Similar to this prep school in Cardiff, continuous reading will help your child become more imaginative and increase their vocabulary. 

Writing Stories

Your child may find themselves wanting to write their own stories too. This activity is one of the easiest and can be the most enjoyable.

Take regular walks. 

Children are known to be bursting with energy so this is a great way to help them unload some of that. The best part is, you can choose to walk anywhere. You can walk down the road to their favourite ice cream shop or even visit your local woods which come as a world of their own. You’ll end up finding yourself on the best of adventures.


Allow your child to take responsibility and feel grown-up. They can help with the preparation for dinner and attempt to bake their favourite treats. When you have spare time, use child-friendly recipes that don’t require any sharp tools or heat to cook such as sandwiches and icing cookies. 

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