Wednesday 6 July 2022

Chook update


I am absolutely loving having chickens again, the girls have all settled into garden life and are treating us to pretty eggs in return.

Bea loves them just as much as I do and loves trying to make friends with them when they are out and about when she is.
They usually come and join her when she's playing in her little paddling pool.

Collecting beautiful eggs never gets old and I love being greeted by the girls when they see me or having them all run towards me when they're out in the garden free-ranging.
They all love their treats and I'm pretty sure watermelon has become their favourite, especially during this warmer weather we've been having.

I was recently very kindly gifted a Nestera medium chicken lodge and I love it.
The girls do too, I will be doing a whole blog post on the coop in a few days' time.

The urge to add more chickens is unreal and I'd love to add more colours to my egg basket, so I'm currently trying to butter Jon up and get him to agree.

Having that little slice of the good life really makes me what to pack up again and move to a farm, but for now, my little slice of heaven has really made me happy!

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